Buy a Franchise and Teach Drama to Kids

Improv is all about having fun. There are parts of drama and acting that require the ability to act very serious and portray characters that are in more downtrodden circumstances. However, the beginning step in learning to play someone that is not your existing personality is to learn to make things up on the fly. You learn to adapt and be defined by the scene and what the other players are saying which paves the way to dramatic acting roles. Here are 2 warm up games that you can play when teaching drama to kids. If you try them and fall in love with this form of acting, consider buying a kids drama franchise to make money and teach for your living.

Party Host. Get a group of 10-25 students to stand up and spread themselves out in a circle. Drama MasksThe object of this game is to pretend that every single person playing is the host of the party and has to introduce guests to each other. They make up occupations and respond on the fly. For example one student might say “Jacob, I absolutely must introduce you to Sarah, she is a tennis instructor down at the country club on Forest Avenue. Sarah, Jacob is financial analyst.” Conversation carries on and people constantly get pulled away by other anxious party hosts. Only let this game run for 2 or 3 minutes before it gets dull and repetitive.

Bucket. This is a game for a smaller number of players. It works best with anywhere from 2-5 people. To play, all you will need is a hat or bucket and 5 to 10 slips of paper with random statements, sentences, or odd exclamatory remarks written on them. Start a scene and learn to pick up a piece of paper and without reading it beforehand, work what is written on the paper into the scene. For example you might be talking about how you feel asleep in class and unknowingly stretched, yawned, and said in a sleepy daze (pick up paper) “Hey buddy! Those are my lucky trousers!” The other players would carry the conversation and would at some point work in their own slip of paper.

What to Know Before Your Home Inspection

For most people, a home is the most important and largest purchase you will make. With such a large decision comes a lot of anxiety and questions. We wanted to help you with the _ steps you should take when embarking on a home inspection to make sure you are making a wise financial investment that you will be happy with years down the road.

  1. Know You Will Be Footing the Bill: This is something first time home buyers aren’t aware of. This means even if you don’t end up purchasing the house, you will still have the home inspection expense. So make sure before beginning a home inspection, be confident that this is the house for you. This really benefits both buyer and seller. One, it protects the seller because they won’t have to pay for numerous home inspections of “soft buyers.” Also, this protects the buyer because you can pick a contractor that you trust to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  2. Find an Expert Electrician and Home Inspector: You can ask your realtor to provide you with a list of approve inspectors or you can seek out your own professionals. The best option would be to choose a local electrician inspector who understands the home’s age, area, and potential problems that could arise in the future depending on where you live. However, don’t confuse a home inspection with a home appraisal. This isn’t to determine the value of the home rather, to inspect if systems such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical are functioning properly and if not what it the cost of repairs would be.
  3. Pests, Plumbing, and Electrical oh my! : There are seven big items your home inspector is going to take into consideration when evaluating a home.

Electrical Contractors Chattanooga-          Plumbing: Your home inspector is going to want to check for water pressure, make sure the water line to the appliances is functioning, and evaluate the septic system and drains.

-          Foundation: The home’s structure is very important. You want to make sure your home inspector checks that the floors are level and that there is no risk of your home shifting.

-          Electrical Systems: This is when you want the help of an expert electrical contractor. There are a lot of potential safety hazards that could arise with a faulty electrical system. Circuit interpreters, wiring, and the electrical panel are all things that your professional electrician will be able to access for you.

-          Pests: Termites, rats, and other creepy crawlers are not going to be welcome in your new home. Depending on the location of your home you may be more prone to certain bugs or rodents. Make sure there is a thorough check gone both inside and under the home for bugs that could threaten the structural integrity of your home.

-          The Roof: Your home’s roof should be examined for longevity and soundness. A roof repair is one of the most expensive home repairs so this is a big one. Make sure when conducting a roof inspection that gutters and chimneys are examined as well.

-          Appliances: If the sellers are including the appliances with the sale of the home they should be included in the home inspection as well. Check the home’s smoke detectors and CO2 detectors while checking the household appliances as well.

-          Mold and Water Damage: Damp floors and ceilings are important things to look for when walking through a house. Damp floors and ceilings can lead to mold which can be toxic if inhaled. If there is mold it is important to find what is causing it to grow and stop it at the source. You should pay extra attention to areas such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces when inspecting for mold. Water leaks can also lead to compromising your home’s foundation, attracting insects, or potentially cause wall structures to crumble.

For more information on the home inspection process and to find an approved home inspector near you, click here for The National Association of Home Inspectors website.

Becoming an Electrician

Are you looking for the type of job where you don’t have sit in an office all day? Where you can interact with others and put your technical skills to use? An electrician is a great career for someone who does not have a college degree. But where do you begin?

First of all, you must have a high school degree or GED to move forward. The next step is to take courses at a trade school for electricians. These trade schools, or vocational schools, prepare you for apprenticeships by teaching you about how circuits work math, motor controls and more. It is important to learn the basic principles behind electrical work before you are prepared to work with these systems.

After you completed courses, you can apply for an electrician apprentice program. These can take a couple of years to complete and involves hands on experience working on household projects and more. Apprenticeships also typically involve classroom portion.

The next step is to take a test on the National Electrical Code and apply for a license. You may have to attend further studies, depending on where you live. After receiving the license, your next task is to find a job! The logical first choice is to work for an electrical company. You could also work for a contractor like Robertson Electric that does a variety of repairs such as electrical work, appliances, and plumbing.

These careers are great for people who already have a knack for wiring and an interest in electronics. However, attention to detail is also extremely important, especially when working in hazardous situations. You also must be a friendly person who is able to communicate with new customers on a daily basis.

Financing Your Vehicle

When purchasing a new car, it takes time to look into your options. Finding a budget, choosing the type of car that works with your lifestyle, and deciding on the right dealership are all factors worth researching. Another important factor is how you are going to finance your car.

You have two basic options when making a payment plan. You could either get a loan from a bank, credit union, or finance company or you could finance through the dealership itself. If you finance through the dealership, you deal directly with them while they use a separate party to set up the payment scheduling and collection. Financing through the dealership may be a good option under certain conditions. If they are trying to get rid of inventory- including the car you wish to purchase- you could get a great rate. The better credit you have, the more options they can give you. However, some dealerships may work with finance companies to help you if you have poor credit. Expect higher rates in this situation. Visit for a dealership that will work with your best interest.

There are also benefits to direct lending. In these situations, you can get financing before your actual purchase. This allows you to shop around for the best financing first, then use this budget to purchase your vehicle. Your bank may also be able to negotiate better rates for you actually end up paying less for the car. It could also be more convenient to deal with all of your online banking in one place, so you never miss a payment and have less chance of obtaining late fees.

The Business Decision to Purchase a Fake Ring

When you are starting a new business and looking for ways to save money, paying less for a synthetic engagement ring seems like the best choice. However, if you are going to purchase a fake ring, you should prepare yourself for some drama. The business option does not always work out the best in these situations, and you can never gauge someone’s reaction. Some people are understanding about financial situations and do not want their partner to stress about making ring payments. Some will feel cheated out of a real diamond and offended. It could even feel like the engagement itself is less serious.

If you are tight on cash and ready to make a commitment, purchasing a fake ring could be a reasonable option. Cubic zirconium or a lab generated diamond are less valuable, yet they look and feel just like a diamond. They may dull over time, but it is difficult to tell the difference unless you are a professional.

The best way to approach buying a fake ring is to be honest. Imagine how upset a girl would feel if she found out she had been lied to about the authenticity of her prized possession. The best way to handle the situation is explain your financial standing and promise to replace the synthetic diamond with a real one when you have the capability. However, still brace yourself for a bad reaction- some are more understanding than others.

In the end, it is probably best to avoid the issue and settle for a smaller diamond. For beautiful diamonds in a variety of styles in Richmond, visit Steven’s Jewelers. Look into different stores for pricing and style options that are best for you and your partner. She may even prefer you pick out the ring together before a proposal.

Buy a Franchise Business and Gain Financial Freedom

Although most people know what a franchise business is, many don’t realize that if they buy a franchise business, it could mean financial freedom for life. What are the benefits of buying a successful franchise license? In this article, we outline 3 major benefits of doing business with franchise holders.

A Measure of Guarantee

The first thing that you get is a better-than-average chance at succeeding in business. Starting a company from scratch requires a tremendous amount of input with no guarantee of success whatsoever. This is why people hesitate to go into business for themselves even if they have an idea or a product whose commercial value is worth exploring. When you buy a franchise business, a great amount of uncertainty is taken out of the equation because that model has likely already been successful in a somewhat similar setting.

A Measure of Automation

Franchise business models are very similar in that they all come with a ‘system’ that just needs to be implemented properly. Once implemented, it pretty much runs on autopilot most of the time. A new business might need hand-holding for several years before it can be allowed to stand on its own feet, but when you buy a franchise business, that time is sped up several times.

A Measure of Freedom

Putting the assurance of ongoing income and a high level of automation together, what you arrive at is the perfect formula for financial freedom. Many business owners operate more than one franchise because they want multiple sources of ongoing income. Franchise businesses abound today, and finding the right business broker gives you access to dozens of business opportunities that you may not have realized existed.

Any business is a risky proposition, but with a franchise business, the quantum of risk is significantly reduced, making it easier for people to decide to invest in a business of their own.

How to Choose a Car Insurance Company

There can be nothing more stressful in this world then trying to find the right insurance provider for your car, motorcycle, home, or rental dwelling. There are so many different insurance companies to choose from and they all seem to offer the same types of insurance and prices. When I was going through purchasing my car insurance I came up with a way in which to choose the best insurance provider for my needs. I was able to find the best car insurance company in Arlington, Virginia, called Insurance Doctor. They provide the best customer service out of any other insurance companies in the market today. Insurance Doctor also provides competitive rates and coverage for all types of drivers and homeowners in Virginia.

The first step is to pick three insurance companies that you have heard good things about or whose advertisement has the cutest animal in it. Either way you go about choosing them only choose three because after that all the information will become redundant and it will be harder to compare the different insurance companies from one another.

The second step includes looking at reviews of the three companies you have chosen. You will want to look at the price and coverage variations and kind of put this in the back of your head for a moment. Choosing a company based solely on price is a bad, because you will end up getting horrible service and coverage. What you really want to look at is what previous customers have said about their service and how well their insurance company handles accidents. Check all of the different levels of reviews including the bad ones because generally those are the ones you are going to get the most information from.

Finally you want to check for customer service ratings. I believe that this is the most important factor of any insurance company. One thing that is not easily copied from company to company is the way in which they treat their customers. Companies can copy prices and polices but it takes a good company to provide highly trained customer service representatives to help you through your situations.

Richmond Mortgage Types | Choosing a Home Loan

When I was growing up, homeowners only had 3 types of mortgage loans to choose from. Times were simpler. Then again, in those days we also had to walk 4 miles to school, uphill both ways, in the snow, with hand-me-down jackets that were 3 sizes too big. So maybe change can be good. There are now a handful of options to choose from when buying or refinancing homes, so take the time to do your homework on which one is best for you.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan

This is the grandfather of all loans. It is as old as time. You will have the option of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and even 50 year fixed rate mortgages that are all entirely amortized.

VA Loans

This type, coincidentally not named after the great state of Virginia from which I am writing, is available to veterans that have served in one of our great military branches and sometimes to the spouses of deceased veterans. There is no down payment as this is provided by a lender but guaranteed by the Dept of Veteran Affairs. My best friend is in the Navy and qualified for a number of VA Mortgages in Richmond. If you meet the qualifications, this is definitely worth it.

FHA Loans

These are insured by the United States government through insurance that is built into the loan. This is optimal for first time buyers as the down payment is relatively low. One drawback can be that the total size of the home mortgage loan is often capped.

The great thing about this process, although it can be confusing, is that nearly everyone you know has had to go through this process. Ask people you trust what lender they used and what type of loan they might advise.

Choosing a CPA in Richmond

If you’re reading this article, you probably already understand why it’s so important to have a CPA you can rely on. Simply put, their skill and expertise can play a pivotal role in your financial well-being. With that in mind, any search for a new CPA should involve due diligence – and a commitment not to hire the first one you meet.

Instead, plan on learning about several CPAs, and working toward a real understanding of which one would be right for you. Gaining that understanding requires a little time, but is more than worth the effort. Here is the process I went through to find the right CPA for me here in Richmond, VA:

Ask For Recommendations

Whenever you begin a search for someone to provide an important service for you, a great rule of thumb is to start by asking for recommendations. Who do you know who might have used a local CPA? Friends, family, and business associates are a great start – particularly people who work in your field; people with similar careers can best evaluate if the CPA has experience handling financial issues common to your field of work.

Ask the Right Questions
Let’s say that you’re able to identify a few recommendations. That’s great – now try to qualify the recommendation just a little more. Ask your associates if the CPA was inquisitive and responsive – willing to ask and answer questions thoughtfully? Was the work diligent, thorough, and of high quality? Was the work completed on schedule?

Interview Prospective CPAs
Now that you’ve got a list of candidates, it’s time to contact them. Call them and ask them for a few minutes to discuss their qualifications. If you don’t already know, ask your candidate if he is a CPA – not every accountant has completed the rigorous study and passed the tests to become one. What are your candidate’s specialties? Where did he go to school? How long has he been certified, and in business? Is he licensed? And finally – does he have any references?

Of course, this process takes a little time. But remember the financial importance of finding a well-qualified CPA, and the potential pitfalls of working with someone who lacks the qualities you need. CPAs know the importance of their work; they know why you need to be sure they can handle the job. So your candidate should be willing to present his credentials; if your candidate is unwilling to do this, you should look elsewhere. For what it’s worth, I contacted several CPAs in Richmond VA, and all were gracious in providing some time to chat.

Go Ahead – Ask About Fees
You’ll want to know how your prospective CPA charges for his service, so don’t be afraid to ask. Some charge by the hour or the number of forms to be completed; others charge by the project. While pricing is essential to know – and a good point of comparison – keep in mind that better experience and qualifications merit higher fees. As is true of any professional service, you’re liable to find that paying more for quality is a good bet; if you choose solely on a low rate, you may regret that decision later when mistakes cost you money.

Thankfully, I was able to find a Richmond CPA who was able to provide the service I needed. Follow these steps, and I’m sure you will, too.

Finding a Business for Printer Sales in Richmond VA

When the office copier is down, it can become a bottleneck that affects everything else, so finding a good provider of printers in Richmond, VA is essential to the normal functioning of any business. Here are some tips on how you can find the right service provider for your company.

Step 1: Location and Proximity

The first step is to shortlist a few companies that are located within reasonable driving distance of your office. Reasonable could mean 15 minutes if the copier is a critical part of your business; or, it could mean an hour if it’s not that urgent a function. Whatever that is, it should be your first cut-off point.

Step 2: Service Level

Next, find out what the turnaround times are for typical repairs and maintenance. Again, if the office copier is mission-critical, then you’ll need someone that can be in and out in an hour or two. Either way, you’ll need to have an idea of how quickly they can fix your copier.

Step 3: Professional Reputation

Third, you will need to go online and research the professional reputations of the full list of providers of printers. You can do this by searching for reviews or looking for comments about them in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This should be relatively easy to do because you only have to type in their name and the word ‘review’ or ‘comment.’

Step 4: Initiate Contact and Negotiate Contract

Once you’ve done these three, the fourth step is to talk to them directly and negotiate a rate for various services. Regular maintenance schedules and periodic cartridge refills typically come as packaged services, so find out what they have in the way of ‘special deals.’

When you follow these steps, you are more likely to end up with a trust-worthy company that serves your needs instead of one that has you running in circles trying to get a simple job done.